Welcome to Sharad Cattery : – Lorraine and Barry Hillier

Sharad Cattery breeders of British Shorthair and Bombay Cats

Sharad Cattery breeders of Unique British Shorthair Cats

We are registered breeders with
The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia Inc.
Feline Association of South Australia Inc
Dog and Cat Manage Board

Sharad Cattery based in northern Adelaide

Our northern Adelaide Cattery – currently being upgraded ready for our Summer 2015 litters, new photo coming soon!

Our cats are our loved Hobby.

They live in comfort in our air-conditioned cattery located in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

We have over 45 years of experience with the Love and Enjoyment of Breeding and Showing our progeny.

Take pride in breeding our kittens, always striving to make improvements as each litter comes along.

Our own Black Silver British Shorthair Sharad Cats have even had the privilege of performing on Whiskas commercials!

Our aim is to have the best quality cats which are beautiful along with being healthy, friendly, of good temperament and a good standard for showing. Over the years our breeding techniques have proven to be very successful in accomplishing many awards.

All our kittens are raised indoors so they get used to household noise, well socialised

do not go back into main cattery.



Our recently upgraded Nursery room – all kittens are raised indoors.

We do like for our kittens to go as pets to loving forever homes

Please don’t ask for a breeding cat / kitten

as we are reluctant for our babies to go to other breeders.

We welcome and offer follow up with any advice required from kitten to adult.

It gives us great satisfaction when new owners of our kittens are happy and contented with their new addition to their families.

our cats live in comfort as we do cattery is air conditioned
up dated 2018 now has vinyl floor covering